📑 Contract Related

1. Are there any requirements I should be aware about before inquiring about your services? 

A: The contract I provide will list out the requirements more in depth, but for an overview: 

*More setup time may be required depending on the venue logistics and service packages I am providing. I will ensure any additional time beyond a 1 hour setup is communicated throughout the planning process. 

2. Is there a desposit fee and how much is it?

A: Yes, 50% of the total bill will be due on signing, which will lock me in for your event date. The remaining 50% will be due 48 hours AFTER your event date. 

How much do you charge by the hour?

A: I actually don't charge by hour. I've calculated my package prices based on several factors such as what equipment I am providing, the amount of time I dedicate to every event (i.e, time spent planning, traveling, setup/cleanup, etc.), and pricing trends in the mobile DJ market. 

3. What about cancellations?

A: While we hope this situation never happens, you just never know when it comes to events. The contract I provide will include the contigency plan in more detail. But for a general overview: 

4. What happens if my event changes the date or changes location? 

A: For a general overview: 

5. What happens if an accident occurs during the event that damages your equipment? 

A: Per the contract, you will be held liable for all costs associated to any equipment damages caused by the negligence of yourself or any of the guests of the event. 

⏱️ Logistics Related

6. Where do you operate and how far are you willing to travel? 

A: My base of operations is located in Seattle, Washington. There are no extra travel costs as long as it takes less than 2 hours of travel time* or is less than 100 miles from Seattle to your event location, one way. 

If the event location requires more than 2 hours of travel time or 100 miles one way (whichever comes first), I will ask for accommodations to be arranged and expensed for me. This includes but limited to: roundtrip airfare, car rental to and from the airport, rental gear costs, and/or housing accommodations. More details will be listed in the contract and discussed during our planning process. 

*This includes any necessary ferry rides

7. What does your planning process look like?

A: Great question! I take a 4 step approach to almost all of my events.

8. What is the main way you communicate with your clients? 

A: I utilize HoneyBook as my main platform for payments, contracts, and scheduling meetings. Otherwise I utilize email for most of my client communications. Of course, I'm happy to chat on the phone or text as needed! 

I also share a planning form via Google Docs with all of my clients to promote transparency and collaboration during the planning process. However, I am super flexible and am happy to accomodate any other preferred methods.

I try to respond back to clients as soon as possible, but no longer than 48 hours. 

9. Do you have insurance coverage? 

A: Yes I do! I am happy to provide proof of insurance to associated stakeholders as needed. 

10. My venue already comes equiped with audio &/or lighting gear, how do you go about this? 

A: While it is great that the venue offers their own gear, I highly prefer using my own equipment. I would have to spend additional time to learn about properly operating the venue's equipment and I can't guarentee the level of service I hope to provide. To avoid churn, using my own gear will ensure I am providing a service for you that is up to my standards. 

11. How many mics do you offer? 

A: I typically provide at least 2 handheld wireless mics which covers most of my events. However, I can provide up to 4 handheld wireless mics and 1 lav mic, based on your event needs (i.e. having annoucements for cocktail hour that's located in a different area than the dinner reception). 

12. How much physical help do you need during day-of? 

A: I am typically a one person operation, but even so I prefer to not have any physical help from guests or clients, mainly for liability and safety reasons. The last thing I want is someone getting hurt while lifting a heavy piece of equipment. Sometimes I bring a person or two to help with setup/cleanup, but I'll ensure to communicate ahead of time as needed. 

13. Are you able to setup your equipment outside?

A: I am able to setup my gear outside to perform, however I will ask for a covering (i.e. deployable canopy) to help battle against weather conditions. I can also provide my own deployable canopy if one is not available. 

Please note that most of my gigs are conducted in the Pacific Northwest area. If rain or similar inclement weather conditions are present, I will attempt to move my setup to an indoor location and will not risk damage to my equipment. 

🎵 Music Related

14. Do I really need a DJ if I have a playlist already?

A: If you have a playlist already created, that's great! Playing songs from your playlist is a great starting point but as a DJ, I also read your crowd and have full control of switching music on the fly. My goal is to alleviate the worry of having to constantly adjust your playlist during the event, especially if there is a negative reaction from the crowd. During our planning process, we'll chat through your music preferences and if you want a specific list of songs played, I would be happy to accommodate and mix everything live for you! 

15. What type of music do you usually DJ? 

A: I consider myself an "open format" DJ and I love to experiment with different genres. I've mixed Disco, Latin music,  Hip Hop, Top 40 Pop, Rock, EDM & its subgenres, and popular line dance songs. If I had to pick, I am most comfortable mixing EDM & House, but I'm not shy to mix any favorite tracks & geners you desire! 

16. Do you take song requests? 

A: I absolutely take requests while DJing live! However, I may not be able to fulfill everyone's requests. I will make a best faith effort to accomodate a request assuming I have the song in my library and if the song doesn't conflict with the crowd vibe. 

If you have any further questions not answered here, please feel free to email me